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Thursday, November 10, 2005

StartXchange Updates

I've made a bunch of updates to various parts of StartXchange. I'll try and go over them all here, but don't count on it (Im forgetful)

- Forum accounts are created when a new member activates their account
- The surfbar tells you how many unread PMs you have
- The mini surfbar's quick links work in firefox
- The activity position page should be accurate (it wasn't sorting properly)
- There are new banners on the promote page (getting ready for Referral Madness (huh? shh))
- I'm now tracking the main page, directory, and signup page. I'll soon be tracking the new doorway pages that will be for Referral Madness (coming soon). I'll be able to see which pages are bringing the most conversion exchange wide (maybe I'll post the stats in the forum or somethin).

Thanks for being a member - if you want, send me a PM in the forum! My username is xxclixxx!